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Autumn already……?

February 21st, 2012
by Mike Leggett

Hard to believe summer is over….. the bumper crop anticipated following the regular rain and the success with the parsnips, never materialised….. six zuccini plants grew huge and produced a total of 12 fruit; pumpkin spread all over the place and to date, no fruit have been observed; and I’m still waiting for the eggplants […]

Festive parsnips

December 29th, 2011
by Mike Leggett

The parsnips were planted for cropping during the Festive season, so on the 24th December a fork was taken to the small vegie patch established this winter. The generous rainfall experienced throughout the Spring had obviously benefitted the parsnips as they had produced so much foliage that they had already smothered some neighbouring plants. Would […]

The Darter

December 16th, 2011
by Mike Leggett

The Darter (view full screen) Walking across the Shoalhaven bridge at Nowra I spotted a bird sitting on a branch near the water, drying its wings. One of Australia’s remarkable waterbirds, the Darter (anhinga melanogaster), and after having consulted the bird book, I decided the bird to be a young male. When in the water […]

Go fly your Kite

December 13th, 2011
by Mike Leggett

Go fly, you Kite (full screen) Late Spring in the Southern hemisphere and the hawks are out cruising for chicks. The Kite in the video (likely a Whistling Kite) was trying its luck over the Shoalhaven river in NSW, until it was spotted by a Magpie Lark, who proceeded to harras it with a series […]

Talking of frogs…..

November 12th, 2011
by Mike Leggett

The sign of a healthy society

October 28th, 2011
by Mike Leggett

On this day, myself and a group of landcare volunteers began clearing lantana from a gully at Riversdale on the Shoalhaven River….