Limit of Heat: Raptor sacrifices birds

February 23rd, 2012
by Jo Law

We returned to Austinmer at the start of this pentad to a period of warm and humid days. The rain that dominated previous weeks seemed to have subsided somewhat; although evening storms still brought significant rainfall at the beginning of the week. It is nearing the commencement of a new academic year and we planned to kick off with our new schedule, but instead we all got sick.

February is a busy time of the year. For those of us associated with universities in Australia, it is hectic: orientation, induction, preparation, consultations, meetings and pre-meeting-meetings swamp our schedules. On top of work, Hollis starting at Kids’ Uni (daycare), hosting a Japanese student, and travelling have all taken their toll on our optimistic plan, so perhaps our sudden ailment is not surprising.

Interestingly, during busy times, eating well seems to be the first thing to go. Teresa M. Chen in A Tradition of Soup urges us to ‘maintain our good health and avoid harm by paying attention to moisture in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, and within our systems’ during Autumn. She recommends including seeds, nuts, and pumpkins freshly harvested this season in our diets as they are said to be particularly nourshing.

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