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The sign of a healthy society

October 28th, 2011
by Mike Leggett

On this day, myself and a group of landcare volunteers began clearing lantana from a gully at Riversdale on the Shoalhaven River. We used cutters and glycol 460, a supposedly safe chemical. A little later another volunteer arrived with 40 red cedar seedlings in the back of the car; so four of us broke off and spent the rest of the morning planting round the creek, the site of earlier remedial ‘weed’ control. As our supervisor remarked: “the sign of a healthy society is when people plant trees that they will never sit under the shade of”……

One Response to “The sign of a healthy society”

  1. 1 Louise
    November 10th, 2011 at 23:32

    In Canberra, there are many bushlands, conservation areas with ‘Friends’ – Friends of Aranda Bushland, Friends of The Pinnacle (the FoPINS – they have t-shirts!), even Mt Painter has Friends. We notice that when we drive towards Queanbeyan, the hills start to look more barren – when we drive through Bungendore, we have commented often that we doubt they have friends. It’s interesting though because a New Zealand colloquialism is that if you say you have twenty friends, what you mean is that you have no friends because 20 friends are too many to be real and too few to be a network …