Major Snow: Copper pheasant silent

June 10th, 2012
by Jo Law

A cold drizzling morning followed the night of the storm. The low pressure system passed by leaving fallen leaves, torn branches, and broken debris as evidence of its existence. On that day, the transit of Venus could be observed in Sydney from 08:16 am. On subsequent days, the sub-tropical ridge urshed in high pressure systems which brought stable conditions. This pentad concluded with another low trough and associated precipitation. The lowest overnight minimum to-date is 7.1ºC recorded at Bellambi (AWS) on June 8th and highest maximum of 20ºC on June 4th. Daylength continues to decrease as we head towards the June solstice on the 21st day. We sink deeper into winter.

The early sunset means that Hollis and I now hardly ever encounter his favourite Grey teal ducks on our late afternoon campus ramble. The large group of ducklings hatched in early autumn, whose mother Hollis so angered by following too closely behind, seemed to have made themselves scarce. What sensible bird would not have gone home to roost before the light fades and the chill sets in? Occassionally, we see a lone coot wandering by the stream or a Common myna dilly-dallying in a tree. A flock of not-at-all-silent sulphur-crested cockatoos fly by, high in the evening sky. To all these avian friends, Hollis would say ‘Hello, bird!’ and ‘Bye-bye’. We make our way home.

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