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Canberra at 3pm in Parkes

February 9th, 2012
by Louise Curham

Today in Canberra at 3pm in Parkes it started to rain and it absolutely poured until about 4.05 pm. There was thunder. The water on the bike paths was midway up my calves and at one point I almost had to walk because the current from the runoff was too strong to pedal against. It was cold enough for my fingers and toes to go numb. Yet in 2009 it was average daily temp of something ridiculously high like 32. I feel quite sorry for our friend coming from Norway who is counting on the tail end of summer to smooth her passage for life in Canberra. It is quite a distinct change in the way the darkness is falling at the moment – very quickly with much shorter twilight yet only two weeks ago it was light well past 8.

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