Reading the Almanac

Welcome to THE ILLUSTRATED ALMANAC! Below is some information that explains how the almanac is organised. While you do not need to read the entries in any particular order, there are also ways that you can structure your reading in ways that suit your interests.

The front screen
The front screen (or home page) displays the 10 most recent entries in reverse chronological order with the newest one at the top. You can click on the {older entries} link at the bottom of the screen to access previous content. Shorter entries are displayed here in their entirety while longer entries are generally abridged with a {read more..} link that takes you to the whole piece. You can click on the title of the entry to view it on its own. A single post displayed this way is followed by a comment box. Posted comments are shown as a number followed by the word ‘comments’ at the foot of each entry on the frontpage (e.g. 2 comments). You can view these comments by clicking on the links.

The content is organised into categories listed in sidebar under {Observations}. Content is written by Jo Law and contributors to the Almanac. Jo puts up an entry once every 5 days for each pentad of the Chinese solar calendar (see about The Illustrated Almanac for details). These entries are categorised into the 4 seasons in accordance to this calentar. Contributors’ entries are posted under ‘Beyond’ and futher categorised into location where the observations are made. You can select to view all post listed under one category by selecting it in the sidebar. The screen will display the excerpts of all entries posted under that category in reverse chronological order. If there are more than 10 entries in that category, an {older entries} link will be displayed at the bottom of the screen to provide access to previous content.

Individual entries can be accessed by clicking on the titles wherever these are displayed (e.g. on the front screen, catergories’ archives, or search resutls etc.) . When viewed as a single entry, {previous} and {next} links will appear both under the title and at the end if preceding and following posts exist.

You can search all content by typing in keywords into {Please find…} at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Contributors can also submit entries via Twitter. For example, Bettina Frankham is publishing one haiku tweet per day. You can find these tweets on the sidebar.

Anyone can comment on the entries but you will be asked to provide a name and an email address to do so. Comments by unregistered users (or users not logged on) will be held for moderation and will appear once the comments have been approved.

If you enjoy the Almanac and wish to receive email updates, please subscribe via email on the sidebar under {Participate}. You also have the option to subscribe via your norminated reader.

You can also tweet to the Almanac by using the hashtag: #IllusAlmanac. Your tweet will appear under {Notable Commentaries}.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the project, please feel free to use the contact form.

Happy reading!