Clear and Bright: Moles become quails

October 17th, 2011
by Jo Law

As I spent the last few days indoors essaying on the connections between a vital materialism, seasons, complexity theory, and the almanac projects, I glanced out the studio window to see the hot sun fading behind thick cloud decks that at times unleashed some heavy rain only to be followed by another sunny period. The recorded rainfall at Belambi (AWS) on Saturaday October 15th is 100.4mm.

I hear that the Bureau of Meteorology predicts a less severe La Niña (Southern Oscillation) this summer but the weekend storm in Southern Queensland already has the cane growers lamenting the delay caused by the wet weather.

The rain does not deter the young Hollis from venturing outdoors however. After the repair work has been declared adequately completed, he now has full access to both front and back decks. This means that all doors are fully open during the day and with only 1 (rather tired) fly screen between 3 doors, the sound of blow flies have become a constant background noise to our daily activities.

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