Clear and Bright: Rainbows appear

October 22nd, 2011
by Jo Law

Although I spotted no rainbows, the wet weather of the previous pentad did give way to some warm sunny weather with 0mm rainfall.The monthly highest maximum to-date of 22.8ºC, recorded on Friday October 21st, felt much hotter on the day. Hollis woke from his nap crying, distressed by the heat. The hot afternoon drew a crowd to the beach. We spent the early part of the evening enjoying the coolness by the sea. The night’s fresh breeze that came through the windows had a hint of a summer evening.

The warm weather continues to send the garden into hyperdrive. Many greens are now going to seed and desparately needing to be harvested (or pulled out and composted). The citrus trees continue to blossom with the oranges from last winter still hanging off the tree. This orange tree was a small sickly plant suffering in the main from leaf-curl and sooty mould. Regular feeding, white oil spray, and watering sent it fruiting for the first time this year. The nearby lemon has similarly also been benefiting from the attention and has rewarded us with a glut of fruit last winter. The doubling in size of the orange tree, however, shaded much of the needed sun from the neighbouring Titian lime, which after an aggressive attack from the lemon tree borers did not survie the spring.

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