Vernal Equinox: Thunder sings

October 2nd, 2011
by Jo Law

Despite having spent no time in the garden in the past 2 weeks, the plants continue to thrive in the warm days and plentiful precipitation. The avocado tree is flowering for the first time, its young branches laden down with buds; the two mulberry, the passionfruit vines, and the citrus are setting fruits; the lucerne patch has been busily thickening up; the garlic and shallots are shooting tall; bees are hard at work amongst the lavender; the daikon are pushing themselves out of the soil, calling out to be harvested; and the potato plants are growing at a tremendous pace.

Meanwhile,  a rogue chicken has taken up residence amongst the straw stored underneath the front deck. When this white chicken first appeared roaming on the street with her associate, the black chicken, neighbours kept knocking on our door thinking that we had lost our chickens. So sure was our next door neighbour that she threw the imposters over the fence into our yard causing great raucous in the flock. This forced Redmond to hunt down the chicken owners with the birds secured in the catbox. Having visited a number of houses uphill, the chickens’ roost was located and, in the owner’s absence, the animals returned. Not a week has passed before the chickens were on the loose again. The black chicken has since disappeared from the scene leaving her colleague to make merry with what the street has to offer.

September ended with a highest minimum temperature of 17.1°C recorded on 20th day and a highest maximum temperature of 30.8°C on 23rd. The 9th day gave us the lowest maximum of 13°C followed by the lowest minimum of 8°C on the 10th. The highest rainfall measured 64.8mm on 25th September bringing the month total’s to 90.2mm. The strongest wind gusts of 87 km/ hour was recorded on last day of the month from West Northwest at 05.34am.

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